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The Bosses

Hi, My name is Mochi

Sometimes known as The Moch, Hey, Get over here, or Stop that. I like being a lap dog even though I'm going on 75 lbs. I'm a little afraid of the dark, an  avid counter surfer and a complete bed hog. I also really like bikes and have been on several sag support missions.

Peace out and ride on!

Hello, my name is Magic

A lot of people ask me if I shave and am a cyclist because my skin is so smooth. I just tell them that's just the way dogs are where I'm from.

Besides I don't have multiple speeds like cyclists do, just two, on and off. Now if you'll excuse me I must go nap.

Wassup, I'm Iverson

That's me on the right, my crazy bud Dusty on the left. I just wanted to give you an idea of what I have to live with everyday, like when Dusty  found a melted Twix bar on the sidewalk and decided it was a good idea to roll around in it for a while. It was so embarrassing I had to stop eating the plant that I was eating and go throw up inside, of course i do that all the time anyway, but still.